Отзыв Dr. Peer Wilde о конференции

Dear Russian Rye Friends,

Dear Dr. Tagirov,

 Last week in Kazan was a time full of inspiration for me, giving me the opportunity to learn a lot about the Tartar-Russian history, to participate at a most interesting conference about rye breeding and last not least to enjoy your great hospitability. With regard to the last point I am particularly grateful to Mira and Sergey (Ponomarev) for taking care of the organization of my stay!

During our sightseeing tour through the city of Kazan I was impressed by an ultra-modern architecture showing that global future has already begun in Kazan and at the same time by the long tradition of multi-religious and multi-ethnic peaceful cohabitation becoming apparent in the historic buildings of the city.

A sculpture I fell in love with immediately was the little prince dominating the entrance of the puppet theatre.

To all of you, dear friends, I wish that his cheerfulness, his openness to the world and his optimism will determine your own future live!

Thank you very much again to all of you!

Kind regards


Dr. Peer Wilde
Senior Advisor Breeding


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